Construction Site Logistics Planning

At this crucial stage of the construction project, Pinnacle’s involvement will commence at the outset with the site-set up. Our experience and involvement will make the difference with the strategic elements of the pre-construction plan:

Construction Process

As part of the construction process, Pinnacle will manage the logistical challenges of maintaining the safe flow of people and materials in and around the site. Suitable signage ensuring that it is displayed to clearly communicate the site rules and arrangements.

Delivery management is central to this. Pinnacle Logistics will deploy cutting-edge technology to monitor the construction programme and schedule material requirements accordingly. For example, deliveries are made when the materials are needed making efficient use of the site space and the elimination of site-clutter.

Trade Supply, Site Management & Supervision

Pinnacle will provide a highly competent and dedicated team to manage your site’s logistics. That team includes:

Pinnacle Team Responsibilities Site Relationship
Logistics Manager Delivery of the site Logistics Plan Dedicated full-time to project
H&S Manager Site specific, personnel safety Weekly staff induction / Site Audit
Operations Director Logistics site-support & Progress Weekly Site Visits
Contract Manager Contract performance monitoring and reporting Progress Meetings / weekly site visits

The Pinnacle site manager will take ownership of all aspects of the logistics plan at a site-based level. Our manager will possess strong communication and management skills and will be trained to SMSTS, First Aid, fire marshal, traffic marshal standards.

Their responsibilities will include, for example:

A Pinnacle Operations Director will engage with the customer team and will also support our own site team to ensure that the Pinnacle’s high standards are met.

From the labourers to the Contract Manager, health & safety standards are constantly monitored and communicated. Pinnacle’s Health and Safety Manager will ensure that staff are working safely and in accordance with the control measures that have been applied.

Site Set-up

As experts in the provision of site set-up and site establishment, Pinnacle will generate a plan for establishing the site in the early stages of construction by providing portable high-quality site accommodation which is flexible in its configuration. Pinnacle ensures that all temporary accommodation, storage units & site toilets are secure and protected from vandalism.

Pinnacle Logistics will deliver, install, maintain & remove a variety of welfare, office accommodation & storage facilities including:

As part of the Pinnacle site mobilisation service, we provide highly competent staff to install and maintain our temporary facilities. We can also adapt the temporary constructions to display our client’s corporate livery where required. Pinnacle will also provide fully fitted to include bespoke facilities I.e. Office furniture, Office equipment and all necessary IT & Communications. Other site establishment provisions include:

Traffic & Delivery Co-ordination

At pre-construction stage Pinnacle will develop traffic and delivery management plans, which includes identifying safe and sensible delivery drop points.

Using our web-based delivery management system our team can efficiently distribute materials to the drop points, maintaining clear walkways and clear areas for the work to progress. The web-based system allows for remote access and provides bespoke site rules and delivery guidelines.

Pinnacle Logistics’ delivery management system enables our customers and their team to focus on managing the construction rather than attending to unplanned deliveries which maximises crane and hoist time.

Within our Delivery Management planning, Pinnacle will incorporate the CLOCS standards and approved codes of practice to ensure that hazards of transportation are dutifully controlled up-held. Ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys with a view to achieving:

Material Delivery Consolidation

Pinnacle provides a well-managed material collection, storage and construction site delivery service strategically positioned outside of central London. The advantages of using a material consolidation strategy to your construction process returns providing valuable benefits:

Plant Hire

Pinnacle offer a range of equipment which includes:

Construction Aftercare

Pinnacle offers a unique service offering to our customers which provides peace of mind and a soft landing when entering the construction's final stages of completion and into post hand-over.

The Pinnacle post construction services provides for completion of snagging, repairs, alterations or extensions to the in-built systems we possess the skills to implement the solution.

Pinnacle will set-out the immediate buildings maintenance requirements with all necessary records of compliant inspection and testing of all buildings systems and equipment in accordance with statutory requirement and approved codes of practice.

Pinnacle possesses a wide scope of knowledge in the management and implementation of building assets, space planning and the organisation of ancillary space.

Specialising in:

Facilities Management Services

Within our range of services, we take pride in offering a full Facilities Management Service to the organisations that occupy newly constructed buildings. Pinnacle link Facilities Management Services to their Group Partners; Bluefan Group. Bluefan Group specialist Facilities Management services offer a complete range of aftercare services with each service designed to suit our customers and their building’s requirements.

Bluefan Group are fully accredited specialists within the Facilities Management industry and possess the expertise and competence to deliver a wide variety of facilities services. Bluefan will provide advice and assistance to any organisation occupying commercial premises in order to establish and maintain:

Bluefan Group Ltd would be pleased to assist with delivering management solutions and delivery on any of the above services. For further information please call the Bluefan Helpdesk on:

Tel: 0203 916 5442



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