About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is an innovative and forward thinking Construction Logistics company, providing services across the UK and European territories.

The company was formed by Construction Logistics and Facilities Management professionals, combining their expertise to provide a complete service offering to the market.

Pinnacle have a reputation of delivering construction support solutions and a strong partnership culture, providing a range of solutions individually tailored to suit our customer’s needs.

At Pinnacle, our growth is based upon well managed relationships with customer teams and pursuing a culture of zero-variation, partnership and excellent service standards.

Taking advantage of our Central London location, it allows our management team to control our operation at close quarters and also to ensure the quality of our services, delivering a prompt and efficient resolution to all requirements. Unlike many of our competitors we are specialists in construction logistics support services based on `self-delivery`, which means that we employ only highly motivated and experienced personnel to maintain our reputation and management quality standards.

In collaboration with our customers, Pinnacle provide the co-ordinated processes and planned activities required to provide full support to your construction project with attention paid to the cost effectiveness and quality of service.

Pinnacle Construction Logistics and Site Services (UK) is a trading name of Bluefan Group. For more information, visit the Bluefan Group website: www.bluefangroup.co.uk.

Pinnacle Logistics (UK) Ltd

Our Aim

>To provide strategic alignment at Pinnacle

To provide strategic alignment to our customers' construction programme and build-delivery expectations and to draw upon our diverse experience to manage and adapt to change whenever presented.

Exceptional standards within Personal Safety at Pinnacle

To ensure that all our site undertakings maintain exceptional standards within Personal Safety, Fire Safety, Site Security, respect for the Environment and strict adherence to all the sites Compliance responsibilities.

Highly motivated and dedicated staff at Pinnacle

To deploy our highly motivated and dedicated staff for the delivery of our service and maintain a highly consistent level of attention to the detail of our logistic plan and overall delivery strategy.

Smart technological systems at Pinnacle

To deploy “Smart” technological systems to support the Pinnacle delivery strategy and to apply levels of organisation to our site operation that our customers would expect.

Appointed site manager at Pinnacle

To effectively manage all facets of construction logistics support through our appointed site manager whose specialist skills include promoting excellent communication throughout the Project.

Elimination of waste at Pinnacle

Delivering best possible cost savings through the elimination of waste, reviewing our delivery plan with our supply chain, adapting best practice methods of delivery and creating a fully functional and flexible workforce.

Collaboration with your organisation at Pinnacle

To work in close collaboration with your organisation to create competitive advantage for your core business.

High Standards at Pinnacle

Pinnacle Logistics will travel the extra mile using the right people at the right price to satisfy all your construction support requirements and to manage your expectations to the highest possible standards.


Our Values

Our Core Values are instrumental in everyday and strategic decision making. Every Pinnacle employee knows them and puts them into action every day.

About Pinnacle

We aim to provide an exceptional service to our clients, going beyond ‘normal’ expectations. We respect our clients and the business they provide and offer them a service that secures value for money and their peace of mind.

We take pride in our work, performing to the best of our ability and to the highest possible standards.

We offer a fair and transparent price for our services, and all decisions are made to ensure that the outcome is beneficial for our clients and the company.

We understand the importance of teamwork and a community spirit. We promote this, actively engaging with our customers, colleagues, and service partners for a positive outcome. We value the input of all stakeholders in any aspect of our business.

We understand and appreciate the importance of our client’s time. We pledge to uphold our service commitments, timings and objectives and communicate progress at every step of the way to keep our clients informed.

All Pinnacle employees are a valued asset. Without them, our mission and vision is not achievable. We aim to invest in our people by promoting their development and helping them to achieve their career goals.


Pinnacle is continuously monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 in order to be able to react to the dynamically changing situation at any time and to adapt our measures accordingly.

The health and safety of our customers, employees and business partners is our top priority and these measures are constantly updated, guided by current alerts and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are monitoring the UK Government's guidelines to contain the virus. With these measures, we are helping to protect our workforce, to interrupt chains of infection and to contain the spread of the pandemic.

We wish our business partners, customers and their families the very best of luck and hope their transition to post-Covid time is a safe and healthy one!


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